When I first started working with Brittany I did not know what I was getting myself into. I became open to the process and steps that needed to be taken for my healing. The healing work I do with Brittany is beneficial to me as an educator and artist because it brings me balance and it assists me with helping others around me. It also allows me to be a self-reflective human being in order to help me grow.

                                                                         - Stephon, Educator, DJ and Entrepreneur

Luisa B.

Brittany’s sessions with me included various forms of reiki and guided meditation. I’ve worked with her several times, and each time I was able to unpack energy blocks that I didn’t even know were stopping me from moving forward. She is soothing and understanding. I felt a deep sense of connection to her. During my reiki session, I felt waves of vibrational energy and I experienced the feeling of releasing fear. Everyone has a different experience with reiki, but I guarantee that Brittany will support in releasing energy blocks. She is a dynamic healer!

                                                                         - Luisa, Recruiter and Community Activist