Transitioning to a Spirit-Based Lifestyle Series- Part 1: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I am an Aries... so I want to do, what I want to do, when I want to do it. When I get an idea, I want to go for it, and when I'm tired of fulfilling that idea, I want to move on to the next.... 

But now that I've surrendered my life to Spirit, this cannot always be the case. I've decided that it's imperative to stop going with my ideas and plans, and flow with what Spirit has aligned for me to do. When I actually flow with Spirit, magical things happen, but it's not always easy to remember - yet :).

I literally have to remind myself to ground and re-center myself. I have to remind myself to refrain from getting attached to the hundreds of brilliant, beautiful ideas that enter my brain. I can write them down, and even share them with others, but the ones that are for me to bring to fruition will be fulfilled when/if Spirit decides it's one I should flow with.

This transition has not been smooth, but what has been helping me is-

1- Stopping to take deep breaths throughout the day, which helps to recalibrate and recenter my being.

2- Dedicating time each day to practice yoga and checking-in with myself about what I need mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I often dedicate my yoga practice to receiving whatever it it is I feel that I need.

3- Sitting at my altar to hear what my guides and ancestors have for me for that day. I still make my own to do list and schedule, but it's easier for me to know what I should be flowing with and prioritizing when I get that info from them.

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with flowing with Spirit.

<3 Brittany

Brittany Regis