Good morning beautiful world it is October 1st!

This morning I had the opportunity to reflect on the last 6 months of my life. I began my transformation with Momentum Education in April, just after my 24th birthday. By using the tools and distinctions I have gained from this program I was able to step into my power, my courage, my vulnerability, and into leadership. I am now in a different space than I was in my 23rd year or life. 

Then I reflected on the next 6 months. How I have 2 90-day periods where I can continue to shift my life and how I am interacting with the world. How I can increasingly create win/ wins where I get to have what I want and give others the opportunity to gain what they desire as well. I think about all the new self-improving tools I get to gain and how I get to strengthen the commitment I made to live in my power every single day. 

Then I reflected on my dear friend Briant Rowe and how he would be 26 this month. I get to celebrate life each day because he made this distinction very clear during his 24 beautiful years of life on this planet. I am still humbled and grateful for this man and will continue to honor him all of my days. 

Have a beautiful October!

Brittany RegisComment