Letting Go of Control

How can one be spiritual, yet controlling... as hell?!? That is a complete contradiction. The ancestors, divinities, and the Most High have been doing this "guiding" thing for quite some time, so to think we know better and should manipulate and force outcomes is just... silly, and usually leads to more harm than good.

As human beings, we tend to think we are the only ones who can make things happen in our lives... as if we were the ones who started our lives to begin with. We forget how trusting we used to be from inception 'til whatever time our first few teachers let us down; then we forget that our true Master Teacher is the only one who truly can never let us down.

It's Time to Get Back to Basics

Using all of the wisdom we gathered over the years, balancedly coupled with our trust and faith that the entire Universe (Most High, divinities, and our ancestors) has our back! Friends, it.is.time. Because if not now, we'll continue the cycle- not just the cycle that affects our own lives, but the cycle of how we treat others, which affects our families, mates, communities, government, etc.- which keeps all the inequities and injustices of the world in place.

It is time to trust and act upon what comes up for us knowing that that unique idea, event, act of kindness, etc. was DIVINELY given to YOU specifically, and you wouldn't be given anything without the support of the Universe. Please, let go of control. Go within, ask if that act, that thing, that event, that relationship, is something you are to pursue. If the answer is no, then leave it alone and express what it is you truly desire, and let them devise the plan for/with you. Trust that co-plans with the Universe are better than your plan, and they will let you know when it's time to make the move. And when they do let you know, MAKE THE MOVE! Move with confidence. Feel the fear and do that thing anyway.

For our sake, please, do what you're called to do as much as possible. We the people, are depending on you.

Thank you.



Brittany RegisComment