First Poem

You made me a poet

You brought colors to my words

And rhythms to my sentences

You brought heartache to my periods

And memories to my pages

See with freedom comes creativity

That's what you gave to me

But how could I be free

While you remain in captivity

I tried for weeks to give you

What you have given me

But the laws of gravity

Started to come over me

You brought out the best in me

But soon it wasn't enough

Cuz when a sistah's going upwards

She needs her man to keep up

As usual, when I saw things were ending

I began to cling

Knowing I needed to move on

I tried harder to make you my everything

Lucky for me

You were a good friend

You distanced yourself

Knowing you didn't want our friendship to end

I think back to the day on the beach

When you taught me how to rhyme

We jogged on the sand

I thought for sure you'd always be mine

Looked back on all our emails last night

Stanzas of heart-felt beauty

No sadness

Because I know you fulfilled your duty

You gave freedom and

You made a poet

Brittany RegisComment