Choosing to Share

I am Brittany, and I am a vulnerable, powerful, and courageous leader who is ready to come out of hiding. I am choosing to share myself- my true self- my.. inner self. For vulnerability is where the power lies, and up until now, I have been extremely selective with whom- and when I choose to share. I realized I am doing a disservice by withholding. I understand that my authenticity empowers others to be authentic.

Imagine a planet of authentic, vulnerable, and open beings! People really truly being honest about where they're at- and even requesting support! That would create a world with clear communication (no room for misunderstandings), a world of freedom (no room for self-doubt/self hatred), and a world of abundance (no room for stealing/taking because compassion would be present).

This morning I asked what my true purpose on this planet is... and I received this response:

To Share.

My word of the week is generosity- Generosity of heart, spirit, thoughts, words, and deeds.

Perhaps I can make this my word of the month, or rest of the year (or even life!).

All of this reminds me of my friend Briant Rowe who passed away on this day, 3 years ago- partly because he would choose 1 thing to focus on each week, but mostly because he was/is the definition of generous.

I love you Briant, and I will continue to commemorate you through my thoughts, words, and deeds.



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