Letter to myself

My name is Brittany and I am a vulnerable, powerful, and courageous leader.

A controlling person lacks. They live inside of scarcity as opposed to abundance. They do not believe they are enough so they try to hover over every detail.

But… I …. Am enough.

I am enough, in fact I am more than enough. I have evidence that I am enough too.

See, I can declare things and stand strong in the fact that it will turn out. There is no reason to doubt that it will turn out because I always prove myself right.

What am I choosing to be right about?

#1, that I am vulnerable-open and authentic not worrying that I will get hurt because I am strong enough to get through ANYTHING.

In case I didn’t believe that last line, I’ll repeat it.

I do not worry about getting hurt because I am strong enough to get through anything.

#2, I am powerful. I can make anything happen. It is my god-given gift.

I can empower anyone to make anything happen in their life. It is my god given gift.

And in being powerful, I have a responsibility. I am responsible for fulfilling all things that come into and from my heart. If my heart didn’t believe it was necessary, it wouldn’t have sent the message. And in this is urgency, because everything my heart deems as necessary, was needed yesterday, so its already late. I am powerful and will make everything that my heart desires come to pass.

#3, I am courageous. In the midst of fear, I go for it. Even when I don’t know how its going to look, I jump in the middle and have it turn out. For details are minor in comparison to the vision. Details don’t matter, they’re all just action steps. This includes what anyone is doing in their every day life- all of it are the action steps for the purpose of their life. No need to pry into their lives. No need to worry about how it’ll turn out, as long as the vision is clear. Speaking of vision, my vision for my intimate relationships is as follows: open, honest, passionate, sexy, loving, supportive, honorable, freeing, caring, strong as a rock and solid.

I’m so grateful for this clarity. Thank you.


Brittany, a vulnerable, powerful, courageous leader

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